If you love colour and ambiance, there are some truly beautiful ways to create this effect in your home. The first aspect you need to consider is what colours you will use. A pallet of purples, blues, pinks and golds will create a warming, cosy feel, but still remain stylish, bright and welcoming. Mix pastels with golds and warm toned light.
You can get away with mixing very decedent and luxury pieces with homemade and DIY goods in this style of room. Don't be afraid of mixing in glitter, fairylights and mirrors into a dimly lit room to reflect the little sparks of light around the room.
Pick handmade pillows, antique pieces and distressed furniture to add a lot of interesting features to your room. The idea of this theme is to create a quirky style even with minimal furniture. You can add small detailed pieces of art, highly embellished accessories and floral bouquets to add pretty detail.

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