It can be really frustrating if you live in an area where your home is overlooked and your neighbours can see in through your windows. You may get on great with your neighbours but you don’t want them watching your every move and you really want a bit more privacy, without shutting your curtains altogether. If this is the case for you, you should definitely consider trying out voile curtain panels.

Voile panels are a modern alternative to net curtains and add privacy to any room in your home without the antiquated look of nets. Voile is very lightly woven and it allows most of the light from the window to pass through it but still gives you the privacy you require. As they’ve become more and more popular you can get them in a range of styles, colours and patterns. For maximum light intensity, you should definitely opt for white or cream ones as they let in the most light. You can choose from a range of patterns and appliqués too, from contemporary swirls and spots to more traditional flowers. 

If you don’t know where to find these products, your first port of call should be the Internet. A quick online search will bring up hundreds of fantastic online retailers and you can also find out which stores near you sell them. You’ll probably be able to pick some up from your local supermarket, homeware shop or department store.

When you find yourself on public display every time someone walks past your home, you know it’s time to try out some voile curtain panels.

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