I'm a firm believer that designing a nursery ready for the newest addition to your family shouldn't mean the best budget-friendly option from the nearest catalog to hand. You can still create a gorgeous nursery everyone else will envy on a shoestring budget.
Even if your source your furniture at a low-price from catalogs, high-street stores and charity shops, it's easy to make a piece look bespoke. Try sanding down a wooden cot and painting it a bright and playful colour such as the cyan blue shown in the picture above.
A great idea is to get hold of a member of the family or a friend who's a pro at sewing- take full advantage! You can even learn to make baby quilts yourself very quickly as they are a very simple pattern. Or if you want to avoid the hassle, try looking online for handmade nursery accessories.
Wall art is a great option if you want your nursery to be baby-friendly but still fit in with the interior design of the rest of your home; it is unimposing but still looks great for children. Finally, try bringing nature indoors with origami birds made from printed papers and cleaned and decorated branches, these can be made into beautiful mobiles for a fraction of the cost that retailers would charge.

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