We are taking a break here at Homestyle Weekly to forget the pretty, the frou frou, and the fabric ruffles, and to instead pay attention to the humble man-cave. You see, often it seems guys want to get away from pink walls, neatness and unnecessary amounts of pillows and instead escape to their own area. Hence the man-cave was born into the world of interior design. Often a converted attic or basement, these new types of room are for watching sports, playing video games and drinking up. But they are not often as barren and desolate, and as far from good interior design as we may think. If you want to design your own man cave, here are our tips for the best design.
Deck out sofas in furry blankets and thick wool throws to add to a prehistoric man-cave style; sofas should be as cosy as possible for the best lounging, as this is essential for watching your 60" television.
Design your man cave in the style of your favourite bar, or a destination you've always wanted to visit. The image above uses an authentic American biker bar as inspiration, you can trawl independent retailers for stool with patent leather designs, and you can even get your own motif designed for them. Add old vintage bikes and guitars to finish the look. You can visit wholesale stores such as Costco to pick up neon signs.
If you're more of a minimalist, or not a big fan of having your room smell like a bar, you can simply add cinema style wall lighting and a projector, so all your attention is focused on the game / classic cult film you are watching.

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