If we started fresh, with a big budget and a whole lot less clutter, we'd probably pick a different home to the one we're in now. Sadly we have to put things like practicality, location, size and space above aesthetics and what kind of home we would really love. But if you could have a dream home and ignore those factors, what kind of home would you have?

Pre 1900s

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Some of us just love the classic features of old homes. It's somewhat true that new builds never quite have the same character, charm and history that older houses do, and often they hold all manner of hidden treasures, such as stonework fireplaces, ornate ceilings and real wooden floors and beams. They can be difficult to maintain but to many of us the reward is worth the hard work!

Others crave the fresh air, unpredictable weather and wildlife of the wilderness, but when they come home appreciate a roaring fire, dark, sturdy wooden panels and cosy but spacious rooms; only a lodge can provide this. Apart from their remote nature and the difficulties of heating the lodge entirely yourself, a lodge could be a perfect home if you want to get away from it all.

Character Property
Some people like their property to have character. Wonky staircases, sloping floors, and a mis-mash of styles and architecture are perfect to a certain kind of person. It certainly makes for conversation, and some bumped heads on low ceilings, but your home would be unique, and no-one will have anything the same. Quirky, is the appropriate word.


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Some people hate clutter. Hate small and characterful. Hate things which aren't geometric. But they love space, clean lines, monochrome colours and large windows that bring the outside in. There are a few advantages to living in a modern home; though they look futuristic and shiney their energy consumption tends to be low as they're fitted with the latest in technology, and environmentally friendly solutions are often built into the house. A modern home doesn't even have to be a city dwelling, they can be fitted quite effectively into the environment, although some people may protest and call them an eyesore!

Country Cottage
The picture book perfect cottage is high on many a person's list. People like quaint abodes covered in flowers and bright pastel paint. The homes themselves paint a picture of the good-life; sunny days spent baking over a classic Aga and plenty of garden space for children to play in. You might miss the city life a bit, there's likely no nightlife around a village, but when you want to relax, nothing could be more perfect.

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