Linen? Silk? Cotton? Trying to choose the right curtain fabric can be a daunting task. A window that is dressed beautifully will transform your room and give your home the finishing touch that you want. Selecting the right material for your window requires some careful thought and consideration.

A living room, a bedroom and a dining room are typically the rooms in the house that require the most decoration. There are certain materials that will look right in one room but will look wrong in another. For example pink silk in a boy’s bedroom is not something that you would ordinarily see. However, you do not have to follow any direct rules as it does depend on your own personal style and taste. Learning about the distinguishing qualities of major material categories will aid in helping you to make your decision.

The “queen” of all materials is silk; everybody loves silk, it has a discerning quality in particular when it has been woven using a satin weave, however, silk can possess a more austere look when woven as a duoioni or as a matka.
Cotton is perhaps the most dexterous of fabrics, the different weaving techniques used in making cotton can convert them into a variety of finished products, and it can look sleek when using a satin weave and casual when using a plain weave.
Linen has become very popular for window dressing. When flax fibers are woven into linen it can create a very polished looking material.

You can choose your curtain fabrics based on a number of different criteria but it will also benefit you greatly to seek the help of a professional in this area.    

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