There are a number of different colors and patterns to choose from when choosing curtain fabrics, there are countless styles and designs such as shiny embellishments of pearls and sequins. Most importantly you want to ensure that whatever you purchase matches with the decoration in the room you will hang them. You can buy them readymade but it is more fun and exciting to make your own set, by doing so you create the perfect set without any disappointment.

You can buy the material in store or online but before you purchase online it is important that you get a sample before going ahead and buying it, as you want something that is of good quality and value for money, also you want to ensure that the colors that you have seen are accurate.

The texture is also important as you want to ensure that the finished look is of a good standard. Extravagant silks and velvets provide a luxurious touch where as linen and cotton are airy and give a more relaxed look. There are more atypical fabrics such as PVC, metallic mesh and faux fur but because you will be making your own curtains you must ensure that your sewing machine can handle the strength of these materials.

Most curtain fabrics are easy to keep clean, you can either wash them by hand or machine but they must be treated with care to ensure that they retain their quality. Some of the materials may need to be dry cleaned so ensure that you ask for washing instructions before proceeding. 

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