It seems now in the world of interior design that the humble chair has become more of a work of art, a sculpture even, rather than a practical seat. As soon as you open a home magazine every editorial has a home which fills blank corners with unusual and antique chairs!
The best place to source such a thing for yourself is in an antique shop, but you can also try car boot sales, charity shops and recycling tips. Remember, even if you find a run down and ruined chair if you like the general aesthetic of it it's no problem to treat and paint the wood, and reupholster the chairs. In fact there are many places that do this.
Alternatively if you don't want the hassle there are lots of great sellers online that specialize in restoring antiques and selling them on, as well as some online furniture boutiques that make brand new chairs in older styles. Just be careful as getting someone else to do the hard work can be extremely expensive, especially when you throw delivery costs into the mix!
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